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'Yoga changed my life'
- Said every yogi ever.

The fact that you are here means you likely know what yoga is and have probably heard about some of the benefits, so I'm not going to list all of the awesome reasons you should practice yoga (but they are listed below should you wish to be reminded). I am here to tell you about why I'd love to work with you and why, from my experience, yoga is for absolutely everyone.

Yoga isn't a sport, nor is it just about contorting yourself and balancing yourself in all sorts of wonderful positions (although it can be!) Yoga is really about reconnecting with your body. Yoga means union, the union of mind, body and spirit. Yoga creates a love and respect for your body and helps you learn to listen to what your body is telling you. Yoga is also the perfect way to unwind and let go of the things that play on your mind, helping you find a state of relaxation. A lot of the time we only pay attention to our bodies when we are in pain or when we decide we don't like what we see in the mirror. Sometimes it is not until we, or those around us, notice a decline in our health, that we understand the need to do something about it. It is at these times that most of my clients come to me.

I want to help ease your aches and pains, help you manage your stress and anxiety, and to remind you what it feels like to enjoy life, feel vibrant and energetic, with nothing in your way.

Some of my clients are already living a passionate and enthused life, and I am honoured to be supporting them in levelling up and continuing to smash their goals. Others come to me feeling vulnerable and nervous, and it is just as much of a privilege to help them regain their confidence. Please know that I am here to support you with whatever it is you are feeling.

I offer a no-strings-attached 30 minute discovery call so we can begin to understand your needs and the approach that would work best for you.

Meditating at Home

Aligned and on fire, create the life you desire.

Yoga for your needs. 

Do you want yoga to help you lose weight, recover from surgery or injury, help you increase mobility and flexibility? Perhaps you want up your game when it comes to sport, physical fitness as well as your focus and ambition? Yoga is here to help you attain your goals and get you to where you want to be - full of life and energy. 

Maybe you know the feeling of being anxious, overwhelmed or depressed all too well, but you want to feel more focused and present at work and in life? Yoga is here to help you find calm and feel at peace - ready to take on whatever life throws at you.

'I take pride in helping my clients find a yoga practice that is not only suited to them as an individual, but is also sustainable. Helping to achieve a lifelong relationship with yoga and the multitude of benefits it offers is my ultimate goal.'

Before we begin any session, I like to arrange an in-depth conversation to understand your goals, so together we can come up with a plan of action suited to where you are right now. Sessions are booked in blocks of ten, and over the weeks we will tap into your specific needs and begin to find the right practice for you.

As a private yoga teacher, I work with high profile clients and understand the sensitivity of bringing someone into your space or home. I offer a professional, discrete and bespoke service you can trust.

Learn the ancient art of yoga with a modern and science-based approach.

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Benefits of Yoga

Reduce pain and tension in the body

Increase mobility & flexibility

Reduce stress, anxiety & burnout

Increase mental clarity & concentration

Improve posture & strength

Recovery from surgery & injury

Feel calm, focused & content

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