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I did it, you can too.

I'm not a guru, or a master, or really anything different to you. I've been there, felt it, and overcome it too.



Hi, I'm Laur.

I have a tattoo on my left foot that reads 'not all those who wander are lost'. I got it whilst doing my first yoga teacher training course during a long and beautiful trip to Rishikesh in Northern India. Prior to my trip to India, I was stressed, depressed, suffering anxiety, fed up with where my life was going and feeling like I had no control. It was half way though my training that I sat down for a deep meditation and the realisation came over me that, despite not understanding it for a really long time, all roads led me to here.

It is through my own healing journey that I discovered the importance of the holistic or 'whole' approach to wellness. Considering a whole thing or being, to be more than a collection of parts, is the most effective way to step into the best version of yourself and let go of what is no longer serving you. Finding ways to keep going through my own struggles, pain, trauma and ultimately growth, has given me the passion and excitement I feel today in helping others to step into the best version of themselves too.

I am a mother, friend, artist, coach, teacher and a perfectly imperfect human being. I am energised by supporting others in their journey towards letting go of the past and taking control of their future, changing their lives for the better. I am passionate about assisting in creating a life where anyone and everyone can feel happy, healthy and calm!

Having worked with high level, high profile clients from politicians to surgeons and athletes, I know how deeply our wellbeing can affect our performance in work and in life.

I would be honoured share with you my 'toolbox for an inspired life' and help create the life you dream of, with nothing holding you back.

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