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Life Coaching



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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Laur uses scientifically proven mindfulness and meditation techniques to help her clients connect with 'The Three P's'

Peace, Positivity, and Productivity - at work and beyond.

Mindfulness sessions with Laur will arm your team with the tools to conquer emotional obstacles and limiting beliefs while becoming happier, more focused and feel more balanced in every aspect of life.


Bespoke yoga tuition, designed with you in mind. Learn the ancient art of yoga with a modern and science-based approach.



Find a style of meditation that works for you and a practice that you'll stick to.


Learn the conscious control of breathing to influence mental, emotional or physical state.

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'Laur helped us develop a practice that was suitable for our aging bodies and can absolutely say we felt better after just a few classes. Laur is very knowledgeable and really understood our needs. Our classes have helped our bodies, our minds, and our marriage! Thank you Laur.

Chris & John

'Laur helped me overcome the repetitive thought patterns and fears I had and helped me create new, more positive habits. After only 3 months of working with her, I had applied for my dream job, asked out the girl I fancied and finally reconnected with my siblings.'



'I was the last person you could imagine doing yoga or meditation. But with a stressful job and being in agony with my back, I needed to do something. Laur challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and give yoga a try. I now have more energy, I am able to run around with my kids and have returned to playing sports. Laur is a legend :) '


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